Greenvale Farm is dedicated to a future of sustainable agriculture in Australia.

Greenvale Farm is an 1150 acre property of scenic red gum pasture in Western Victoria. The farm is located on the Willaura-Wickliffe Road, 10km from the village of Willaura. Willaura lies about 34 km south of Ararat, a town supported by the local farming industry, involved mainly in wool and cropping.

The homestead was built in the early 1850’s and the property originally spanned more than 60,000 acres in the Western District. The Hopkins River runs the length of the property and a majestic escarpment overlooks the river, across the property and beyond to the Grampians.

At Greenvale Farm, we believe in clean, natural farming practices and animal welfare.

The Land

The pigs are a big help with land management – clearing weeds and thistles and ploughing oxygen back into the soil. Once the pigs have rotated through that pasture we plough it and replant some pasture crops as well letting the grasses grow.

The Livestock

Our free-range rare breed pigs are raised without growth hormones; we let them grow in their own good time. They are raised without antibiotics, and only medicated and supplemented when required for their health. We aren’t organic, but want to be as close as we can get to it.

We breed our own replacement stock so all our pigs are bred on the property. The live in large paddocks with access to water and foraging and sleep in large sheds – or on summer nights prefer to congregate under one of the impressive trees scattered throughout the paddocks. Our breeding sows all have individual housing for themselves and their litters.

Forage and Fodder

Our free range rare breed pigs are fed a grain based diet that comes from pastures and supplementary grain feeding. Feeding on grass is a pig’s natural inclination, so it makes them easier to raise, as they can exhibit natural behaviours in the pasture, reducing aggression and agitation and improving the overall health or the herd.

We are moving towards a closed system in which the farm will generate all the feed that the pigs require for a biodynamic diet.